Are you breathing properly?

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Incorrect breathing can be directly associated with these conditions.

Asthma - Emphysema - Stress - Anxiety - Depression - Insomnia - Tiredness & Fatigue - Hypertension - Snoring - Sleep Apnea - Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity - Allergy & Skin Conditions - Chronic Bronchitis

The self-taught way you have learned to breathe has a greater influence on your health than you can ever imagine.


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Get informed with the latest research in the field of spinal strength and rehabilitation.


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The Core Essentials MedX Programs deliver a musculoskeletal rehabilitation program that builds greater core strength, stability, flexibility and endurance; the four factors essential for spinal health. The program utilises state of the art MedX exercise machines. The goal of the program is to increase strength and range of motion, decrease pain levels and increase functional abilities, thus enhancing quality of life.

The MedX Core Spinal System is a medically proven way to prevent, reduce or eliminate back pain. MedX machines accurately measure results and feature patented restraint mechanisms that isolate and target specific muscle groups. The bio-mechanical precision of MedX machines enables MedX physical therapy programs to safely strengthen the function of the spine no matter what your stage of adult life.

The MedX Core Spinal Fitness System is perfect whether you are a nurse, teacher, golfer, gardener or a stay-at-home mum. You will be able to strengthen your back, reduce your pain and allow yourself to continue to do activities that you enjoy.

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